CHAPTER 7 and 8

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What causes poor supplies?

  • poverty
  • lack of land
  • commercial farming
  • war
  • poor transportation
  • expensive seeds
  • overworked land
  • soil erosion
  • over grazing
  • pollution drought
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Freeze Thaw - water goes in a crack, freezes, expands and then the rock cracks.

wetting drying - in coastal areas where clay is constantly getting wet and drying cracks appear

Changes in Temperature: heated by the sun, expand. Cold nights contract constant movement causes damage rocks break

Chemical weathering: Acid Rain

Bilogical: plants roots are in rocks they grow forcing the rock apart


  • attrition - rocks collide as they are transported making them smoother
  • abrasion/ corrasion: hurled at cliffs forcing it to break away
  • corrosion: dissolved by the natural acid in water
  • Hydrolic action: worn away by the force of waves hitting them
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