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You need to think about the following things:-
Have you described in detail where you carried out the investigation?
Have you used MAPS to show the area? (Can you do this using ICT?)
Have you used a range of geographical terminology that link to your hypothesis
Have you clearly shown you know what these terms mean? (Glossary?)
Have you used these terms throughout your investigation
Do you constantly make links throughout your study to the main aim?
In this section you are also awarded marks for:-
Your title page
Contents and bibliography
Chapter headings
Numbered pages
Figure/map/photo references
Data Presentation
Once you have been to Heckmondwike and collected your primary data you need to present
this in way that is easy for you to use when answer your hypotheses.
Think about the following things:-

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Use at least 2 ICT based techniques (if you don't you can't get full marks)
Can you obtain relevant secondary information from the Internet?
Can you word process your work? (This is one strand of ICT!)
Can you use a Graphics package e.g. Excel
Make sure you hand draw some of your techniques, do not do them all on the
Can you present your data in different ways e.g. don't always use a bar graph!
Can you use high order techniques e.g.…read more

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Did you collect enough data? WHY
2. Did you have any problems collecting the data? WHY
3. Are there any disadvantages with the techniques you chose? WHY
4. Would your results have improved if you collected more data, data at a different
time or data with a different method? WHY
5. How might you improve your methods if you repeated the study? WHY
6. What needs to be done to increase the reliability of the methods and so improve the
enquiry process? WHY
7.…read more


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