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  • Reducing the impacts of tropical storms
    • Prediction
      • Computer models: gives people time to evacuate
      • Reduces number of injuries and deaths
      • Gives people time to protect their homes and busnesses
    • Planning
      • Future Development, new houses build to avoid areas most at risk. reduces the number of buildings destroyed.
      • Emergency services can train people for disasters, reducing the number of people killed,
      • Governements can plan evacuation routes. reduces the number of people killed or injured
    • Building techniques
      • Using reinforced concrete. Fixing roofs correctly so they dont get blown of. Building n stilts,
      • Flood defences can be built along rivers. SEA WALLS.
    • Education
      • People thought how to make survival kits, food, drinks and medication.
    • AID
      • Governments or organisation often send aid to countries, reduces the impacts


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