Gender notes


Biological Approach

Builds on the idea that gender differences are inbuilt and coded in genes. Genes dictate the biological sex of the baby and control the production of sex hormones before and after birth. Males have an XY chromosome composition and females are **.Females have a preponderance of Oestrogen and Progesterone whereas males have a preponderance of Androgens (Most important one being Testosterone). The influence of the sex hormones is complex and interacts with psychological factors, but they undoubtedly affect behaviour. <- Good line!


  • YOUNG - Study of rats, gave male hormones to females, male hormones to females. They showed the opposite mating behaviour. (However this study uses animals - Number of issues)
  • HINES - Group of girls/boys with CAH. CAH girls prefered boys games
  • TAYLOR - Studied levels of fT in children, mothers were questioned when they were 4. fT was negatively correlated with the quality of social relationships and positively correlated with restricted interests.
  • COLLAER - Male sec hormones increase the likelihood that the child will enjoy rough play, exposure to high levels of male sex hormones at an early age affects sexual orientation and male sex hormones lead to an increase in aggressive behaviour.
  • Biological deterministic
  • Reductionist
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