Gender Development


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Bem Study (1974)

AIM: To construct an inventory to measure masculinity, femininity and androgyny.

METHOD: 50 male and 50 female - rated traits on how desirable they were for men and women. 20traits for femininity and 20 traits for masulinity were chosen. Feminitiy Traits: compassion, symapthy, warmth, shyness and gullibility. Masuline Traits: ambition, athleticim, being analytical, self-sufficient and aggression - these traits were used on the Bem Sex Role Inventory - people rate themselves 1-7 on each trait

RESULTS: BSRI tested and checked - showed to be valid when shown against the samples own description of their gender identity - inveentory reliable when test repeted.

CONCLUSION: BSRI - reliable, valid - some people score highly on masculine/feminine traits. People who were androgynous are phychologically healthier.

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