GCSE Biology Unit 2, Meosis and Mitosis

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MITWOSIS                produces 2 genetically identical body cells. 

Definition: a type of cell division used to produce new body cells. Occurs during growth and repair, or to produce replacement cells. Used in ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION of simple plants and animals.


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MEosis                            Me - how was i made? SEXUAL REPRODUCTION.

Definition: Special type of cell division used to make sex cells. Gamates have half the normal number of chromosomes.

Produces 4 non identical cells (unless identical twins).meiosis.jpg

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miTWOsis and MEosis both.....

  • are a type of cell division
  • the replication (copying) of chromosomes occurs before division
  • begin with M :D
  • equal number of chromosomes at first divisions.
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  • Mitosis produces more offspring
  • produces 2 cells
  • used in asexual reproduction,
  • includes one nucleur cell division
  • resulting cells are genetically identical - NO VARIATION
  • simple cell division.
  • Meiosis produces fewer offspring
  • produces 4 cells
  • used in sexual reproduction
  • includes two nucleur divisions
  • not genetically identical - VARIATION
  • cell division for gametes
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