GCSE B1a Menstrual Cycle

GCSE B1a Menstrual Cycle

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The Menstrual Cycle (Four Stages)

1. Day 1 --> Bleeding begins as the  uterus lining begins to break down

2. Day 4-14 --> The uterus lining begins to build up again, ready to recieve a fertilized egg.

3. Day 14 --> An egg is released.

4. Day 14-28 --> The lining of the uterus is maintained in order to recieve an egg. If no egg is recieved by day 28, the uterus lining begins to break down and the cycle starts again.

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1. FSH is produced in the pituatary gland

2. Causes the egg to mature in the ovaries

3. Stimulates oestrogen production

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1. Produced in the ovaries

2. Causes the production of LH

3. Stops the release of FSH

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1. Stimulates the release of an egg

2. Produced in the pituatary gland

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1. Produced in the ovaries

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