GCSE Biology

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What does classification mean?

Classification means grouping things by their features or characteristics.

The more characteristics that are used to group similar organisms together, the more reliable the classification.

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What are the 5 groups of classification?








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What are the 5 kingdoms of organisms?

Animals, plants, fungi, protoctista, prokaryotae.

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What are the characteristics of each of the 5 king

Animals: multicellular, no cell walls, no chlorophyll, feed heterotrophically

Plants: multicellular. cell walls, chlorophyll, feed autotrophically

Fungi: Multicellular, cell walls, no chlorophyll, feed saprophytically

Protoctista: mostly unicellular, have a nucleus

Prokaryotae: unicellular, no nucleus

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Why are viruses not classed in a kingdom?

Scientists do not think that they are living organisms because they ruse other cells to reproduce and they do not show any other life processes eg growth. 

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