Games at Twilight

A summary of the story Games at Twilight from Opening Worlds OCR

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The Characters

Mira -eldest, in charge, motherly and caring

Ravi- smaller than the others, really wants to win, upset by unimportance, brave but scared.

Other children- excited, energetic, playful, hot, cruel to Ravi without meaning to be.

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On a hot afternoon children play hide and seek. Ravi hides in a shed he hasn't dared enter before. Ravi waits for a long time despite the things scaring him. He is excited not to be caught. When he runs out of the shed he discovers that everybody has forgotten him and are playing new games. The other children laugh at him.

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Childhood innocence (It never occured to Ravi that the other children could be so cruel to forget him could compare to Leela's Friend as Leela does not care that Sidda is a past criminal)

The importance of playing (also compare to Leela's Friend as both children are only interested in play)

Bravery and viewpoints of nature (could compare to The Winter Oak as Savushkin loves nature and Ravi is unerved by it also the hot setting of Games Twilight makes nature seem dead and in the cold setting of The Winter Oak nature is very much alive)

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