The Winter Oak

A summary of the short story The Winter Oak from Opening World OCR

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Anna Vasilevna- teacher who is wellmeaning but strict, thinks well of herself at the beginning but accecpts being taught a lesson.

Savushkin -entranced and knowledgeable about nature, oblivious of other childrens opinions and teachers telling off, kind and cheerful.

other children- easily excited, interested in lessons, laughs at Savushkin

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Anna Savushkin is teaching the class about nouns, Savushkin arrives late, He calls out Winter oak as a noun and Anna Vasilevna asks to talk to him after class. When she does he is not worried about the telling off and cannot come up with a reason for being late. She goes home with him to see his mother and he shows her the beautiful nature he walks through and he is late because he cannot stop looking at it. She understands that she is being taught a lesson about the beauty of the forest. She realizes that Savushkin is looking out for her and realises that Savushkin is the most wonderous thing there.

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Prejudice- (teacher will not believe Savushkin until she sees the forest, could compare to Leela's Friend because the parents are prejudiced against Sidda or Pieces of Silver as the teacher unnessary punishes Clement)

Strict teaching ( could compare to Pieces of Silver as both teachers are strict but Anna Vasilevna is wellmeaning and the acting head is cruel)

Role reversal (savuskin teaches Anna Vasilevna a lesson could also compare to Pieces of Silver as Clement teaches the Acting Head a lesson but in a more conflicting way)

The Wonders of Nature (beautiful in The Winter Oak could compare to Games at Twilight as Ravi is unerved by nature)

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hey kate its libsy!!!!! these are really gd btw!!!



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These are great, but you wrote 'Anna Savushkin' instead of 'Anna Vasilevna' - Just saying (:

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