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SOCIAL ORDER: how people behave in society.whats classified as right and wrong.needed for society to function properly .social order maintained with consensus

SOCIALISATION: individuals learn culture of society in order to participate and fit into society

SOCIAL INTERGRATION: movement of minority groups(e.g:ethnic minorities) of society into mainstream of society.They gain full access to opportunities/rights/service available to members of mainstream

SOCIAL SOLIDARITY:when values set which bring together certain social groups.evreyone is in one accord.due to agreement most likely. 

NORMS:rules of social behaviour

VALUES:beliefs and ideas we consider to be important

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  • Durkheim says individuals need organs to function to live.Organs dependant as they have specific functions that makes body work.Therefore,character of society same.Institutions of society performs functions to maintain social system 
  • society has police for problems-Just like organisms fight disease
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  • doesn't used to describe different parts of is politics and family is heart.looks at whole of society and makes it easier to understand sociologically and shows visually how it all works together like society
  • whole of society looked at .Its a macro level structural theory.doesn't just look at parts
  • socialisation determining behaviour looked at
  • culture structuring society looked at
  • society whole with different parts looked at
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  • functionalism emphasizes consensus.violence not explained
  • society doesn't have a life  of its own.dependant of people who make it up
  • ignores that people have free choice.assumes we all accept consensus
  • functionalists believe power equally distributed.Marxists say functionalists ignore that some groups have more power than others.They can impose NORMS AND VALUES down on other groups
  • socialisation viewed as something that never fails.child abuse/drugs wouldn't be a problem!
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