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A fuel is something that can be burned to release

heat and light energy Fuel stores energy The

main examples are oil,wood,coal and gas.

Coal,Oil and Gas are called fossil fuels.These

were made from plants and animals millions of

years ago,

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Running out of Energy

The easist to light is Natural gas.Natural gas also

burns more cleanly and it is the cheapist.

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Biomass is a fuel you can get from natural things.

The wood comes from the sun.

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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy-Cold water is piped down a

deep hole and gets heated my underground heat.

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Hydro-electric Energy

Hydro-electric Energy-Water is stored in a dam

and then it is released and it turns a turbine to

generate energy.

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Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy-Sea water is trapped in a barrier

and released to turn a turbine

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Wave Energy

Wave Energy-The wind causes waves which

causes lots of energy.They make floats to move

up and down and turns a generator.

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Wind energy

Wind Energy-Huge wind turbines use wind

energy to make electricity.

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