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descriptions in english and french on weather

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il y a du soleil / il fait du soleil - it is sunny

il fait chaud - it is hot

il y avait du soleil -  there was sun / it was sunny (past)

il faisait chaud - it was hot (past)

il y aura du soleil - it will be sunny (future)

il fera chaud - it will be hot (future)

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il neige - it's snowing

il pleut / il y a des averses - it's raining / there are showers

il neigeait / il y avait de la neige - it snowed / there was snow (past)

il pleuvait - it was raining (past)

il y aura de la neige - it will snow (future)

il pleuvra - it will rain (future)

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il fait du vent - it's windy

il fait froid - it's cold

il y avait du vent - it was windy (past)

il faisait froid - it was cold (past)

il y aura du vent / il sera venteux  - there will be wind / it will be windy (future)

il fera froid - it will be cold (future)

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il y a des nuages - it's cloudy

il y a du bouillard - it's foggy

il y a des orages - it's stormy

il y avait des nuages - it was cloudy (past)

il y avait du bouillard - it was foggy (past)

il y avait un orage - there was a storm (past)

il y aura des nuages / il sera nuageux - there will be clouds / it will be cloudy (future)

il y aura du bouillard - there will be fog (future)

il sera orageux / il y aura un orage - it will be stormy (future) 

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il fait beau / mauvais - it's nice / bad

il faisait beau / mauvais - it was nice / bad

il fera beau / mauvais - it will be nice / bad

il gèle - it's freezing

il gèlait - it was freezing

il gèlara - it will be freezing

le temps pour aujourd'hui c'est pas mal - the weather for today is alright

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Thanks, this is really useful!




This compact set of revisions cards covers all possible weather conditions in the present, past and future tense. Useful for all aspects of the examinations - speaking, listening, reading and writing. A great resource.

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Thanks it was great

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