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Key dates in may 68 in France.



Les evenements de vingt deux mars.

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Daniel Cohn Bendit leads a protest at Nanterre University (Faculte de Nanterre).

Againt (Contre):

  • The arrests following protests against the Vietnam war.
  • Discrimination against France's social class.
  • Political Beauraucracy controlling  university funding.
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Les evenements de deux Mai.

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On the second of may after a day of conflict, Nanterre university lectures were suspended.

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Les evenements de trois Mai.

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400 (Quatre Cents) demonstrators (manifestants) reunited at the Sorbonne University to stage a peaceful protest against the closure of Nanterre. It however turned violent with the police intervening and using force.

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Les evenements de six Mai.

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Daniel Cohn Bendit was called with others to the education disciplinary committee. In protest to this 20,000 students protested on the streets of Paris throwing paving stones and putting up many barricades. Police responded with tear gas (gaz lachrymal) and batons (des batons).

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Les evenements de sept Mai.

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High schools students (les lyceens) joined the protests. They assisted the students at the Arc du Triomphe. They asked for the release of arrested students, for the police to leave the universities and re-open Nanterre and Sorbonne.

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10-11 MAI

Les evenements de dix et onze Mai.

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10-11 MAI

Students occupied the Latin Quarters and put up dozens of barricades. There was an attack by riot police causing injuries.

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13 MAI

Les evenements de treize Mai.

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13 MAI

Widespread protests in Paris. Georges Pompidou returned from Afghanistan and caved to demands. The Universities were reopened and police left the Sorbonne. Strikes broke out at the Sud Aviation plant near in Nantes and the Renault factory near Rouen.

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14-17 MAI

Les evenements du quatorze a dix-sept Mai.

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14-17 MAI

A series of factory strikes took place.

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14-19 MAI

Les evenements du quatorze a dix-neuf Mai.

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14-19 MAI

General Charles de Gaulle went on an official visit to Romania leaving his Prime Minister to deal with protesters.

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18 Mai

Les evenements du dix-huit Mai.

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18 MAI

By this date 11 million (onze millions) workers (travailleurs) were on strike (grave). This is equivalent to 2 thirds of the French workforce.

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