Forensic psychology

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Turning to crime- Upbringing- Disrupted families.

Farr- t Cam Stud Delq Devo

A: Doc Strt, Dur, Ed of OfBe fm Chld-ad + Influ o LfEvt

M: Lon Surv, Intv @ 48+CrRcd

P: 411m, 8-9y, 1953/4, 6Sch E.Lndn. @48y 365 Intv

R: 48y 161/404 Conv. Pk OfBe 17/8

E.Off (10-13y) r.Off, 7% C.Off (avg Cr Crr 14-35y)

C.Off (Per, Con pr+pst 21y) <-- Dis Fam( Of p+s, Sngl M, Lw Pop, Lrg Fam sz)    

Lf Impr wt Ag.

C: Off Dev in m.apects of Lf. Rsk Fctrs

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Turning to crime- Upbringing- Learning from others

Suth- Thry of Diff ***

  • Crim Be is Lrnd
  • Intrc wt Crim
  • Fav or unFav def of lw
  • Rept cont wt Crim actv


Dev hppn wn pp defn sit as appr to do so.

Def aq thr P.Exp

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Turning to crime- Upbringing- Poverty and disadvan

Wik+ Taf- T Pet Yth St

D: Crss-Sec St

S: N.2000 14-15y Stdt

M: Intv + Dt Coll

R: 45%m 31%f Off, 10% 3.8 S.Off, H.Freq Off M.Off's. 1/8 Off Rprt to Pol.

Off Drnk/Drg ^.

Ex Fac: Off Rsk Fac (Ed, Fam, Demg, Indv Chrct, Lifsty)

C: 3 typs Adlct Off.:

  • 1)Prosp-ind= M.Off, H.Rsk Fac
  • 2)Lifsty-dep= Pr Cntr, Drnk/Drg
  • 3)Situ-Lmtd=  R.Off, Sub Abse
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Turning to crime- cognition- Criminal thinking pat

Yoch + Same- A St of Thnk Pttrn in Criml

A:1)Udrstd Criml Prsnty. 2)Esblsh Tnqs tht altr Prsnty 3)Encrg Lgl Rspbty 4)Esblsh Tnqs to prvt Crim Be

P:255m Off V.Bkgrds. Crim.Insn (mntl hspt)+ eql no nt Insn

M: Intv ovr svl Y

R:Acrd to Yoch+Same Crims ar:(rstls, dstifd, irtbl)(dsgre wth athty)(Lnrs)(nd extmnt)(hbtly agry)(pr dscn mkrs)(N.oblgtn to othrs)

30/255 fnsh Intv, 9 G.chngd. Dmnd Chtrtcs

C:52 thkng ptrns in Crim Prsnlty

lk of contl grp

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