Forces and Motion (P2.1.2)

This is a mixed level of higher and foundation users. It is designed to be used by the AQA Physics September 2011 Unit 2 ONLY. 

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Forces and Motion (P2.1.2)

a) The acceleration of an object is determined by the resultant force acting on the object and the mass of the object: a=f/m or f= m x a (f= m*a)

b) The gradient of a distance–time graph represents speed.

c) Calculation of the speed of an object from the gradient of a distance–time graph.

d) The velocity of an object is its speed in a given direction.

e) The acceleration of an object is given by the equation: a= v-u/ t (where v is final velocity and u is initial velocity)

f) The gradient of a velocity–time graph represents acceleration

g) Calculation of the acceleration of an object from the gradient of a velocity–time graph

h) Calculation of the distance travelled by anobject from a velocity–time graph.

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