Force and Pressure

Force and Pressure

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Force and Pressure

Effects of Forces:
1. Change speed 
2. Size and Shape
3. Start or stop a object
4. Change direction

Force- A force is a push or a pull
SI Unit: newtons (N)
Measured using a spring balance

Frictional Force- contact force
Friction slows down and stops a moving object; opposese movements and produce heat.
Ways to reduce friction:
1. Lubricants
2. Streamlined body
3. Rollers, Ball Bearings 

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Force and Pressure

Magnetic Force- non-contact force
Magnetic Material: Nickel, Iron, Cobalt, Steel

Gravitational Force- non-contact force
Weight of an obect = Mass(kg) x 10

Pressure depends on:
1. Force applied
2. Surface Area

Pressure= Force/ Area (N/m2)
1Pa = 1 N/m2

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