For and Against for NEP

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  • Not regarded by any communists as a permanent state of affairs
  • Introduced in 1921, as an emengency measure to rescue economy 
  • Lenin tried to justify NEP- Said it was a half way house between capitalism (which is what they were trying to destory) and socaliam (which is what they wanted to achieve- however, this would take a long time as Russia lakced in industrial development)
  • NEP allowed individuals the development to make money for themselves (theoy is it also protects the population as a whole since the key industrusties and productions where in state hands)
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  • Did not carry much weight with many communists- Doubters took Marxist theory seriously 
  • The economic base of the NEP was deeply flawed, since private enterprise allowed people to make money off other peopels labour (went against the principle of public good)
  • Economic diverisions meant class differences were perpetuated or even increased the new 'Bourgeoise'- appeared making money and recalling memories of pre-revolutionary Russia (enemies of USSR couldnt have socialism as it created class differences which caused class diverisions)
  • ALL polictians agreed socialism wouldnt last forever
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