Food Tests

JUst simple explanations on how to test foods to determine their food types.


Testing for starch

Add 4 drops of Iodine to the ground up food, or a solution of it..........

If STARCH is present it will produce a BLUE/BLACK colour.

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Testing for simple sugars

Add 8 drops of Benedict's reagent to the food sample, this will make it go pale BLUE. Heat the boiling tube in a beaker of hot water.......

.......if SIMPLE SUGARS are present the sample will change from BLUE to GREEN to YELLOW to RED!

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Testing for Protein

Add about 5cm3 of very dilute sodium hydroxide, then add a similar amount of dilute copper sulphate solution to the sample in solution.........

......If PROTEIN is present it will produce a PURPLE colour

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Testing for Fat

Shake the food sample up with about 10cm3 of ethanol in a dry test tube, then carefully pour some of this into a test tube containing 10cm3 of water........

.......If FAT is present the water will become a CLOUDY WHITE colour.

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