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Nutrients in fish

- Protein - Fat - Minerals- Calcium, Phosphorus -Vitamins- A + D, Omega 3+6 No Carbohydrates!!!!

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Properties of fish

High risk food. (bacteria) Protein Vitamin A+D Kinds of fish--Oily, white, Shellfish Calcium Phosphorus

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Example fish recipe

INGREDIENTS -1kg Floury Potatoes 50g butter 1 pint of milk 350g cod fillet, skin on 2 bay leaves 100g smoked salmon, chopped Chopped chive and parsely Flour (dusting) 2 eggs, beaten 100g white breadcrumbs Vegetable oil for shallow frying.

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Storing and handling of fish

Freezing- Package in blocks or freeze in water brushing glaze on top Chilling- Store in plastic wrap and place in a bag. The most common ways of preserving chilled fish are ice, chilled water,ice slurries and refrigerated sea water. Smoking- Hot smoked are moist, lightly salted and fully cooked. Cold smoked are more salty and have less moisture Canning and the use of marinades- Produces a moist, flaky product and makes the bones edible. Marinades add flavour. Salting- If enough salt is used the fish make keep for up to a year. Drying: Fish are laid out to be dried.

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Properties of ingedients in a fish cake

Floury potatoes- Carbohydrates---Provide energy Butter + milk- Fat which protects vital organs Cod fillet- White fish Salmon-oily fish- fat Bay leaves - flavour Egg + breadcrumbs, flour binders Chopped chives and parsely- flavour Vege oil- cooking

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Heating and Chilling

Heating food - Keep above 63 degrees Chilling food- Keep below 5 degrees Stops bacteria or virus or fungi growing on the food. Could casue food poisoning otherwise

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Functions of fish

Calcium- For good bones, helps blood clot Protein- Growth and repair Vitamin A- Helps bone growth, aids night vison Vitamin D- aids absorption of calcium Omega 3- helps brain to function, reducduces heart diessease Omege 6- Helps brain to fuction,helps skin and hair growth Phosphrorus-provides energgy,aids formation of bones Fat- Provides back up energy supply and protects vital organs

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