Financial documents used in business


Purchase order

A purchase order is the document that is used in business to place an order 

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Why is purchase order important?

  • What the customer wants to order 
  • When it was ordered 
  • Who ordered it and the quantities involved
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Delivery Note

Delivery note is a business document that provides information when a product is delivered to a customer

When an item is delivered, the delivery note gives all the details and the customer is asked to sign to say that they have recieved the order 

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Why is the delivery note important?

  • Helps businesses track goods that have been sent out 
  • Check they were recieved by the right customer 
  • Check they were of appropriate quality 
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The benefits of using a delivery note

  • Provides proof that the goods have been delivered 
  • They confirm the goods have been recieved and are in good condition 
  • Can be used to track where goods have gone 
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Goods Received note

Used to confirm all goods have been recieved 

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This is the way requests for payments are made

a list of goods sent or services provided, with a

statement of the sum due for these; a bill

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Why are invoices important?

  • You Get Paid Via Invoices

  • Great for Record Keeping

  • Clarify What Your Clients are Paying For

  • Professionalism

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An invoice must show all the following information

  • The date 
  • Who the customer is 
  • Details of the goods
  • Other reference information (amount owed, how to pay, length of time to pay) 
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Credit note

Gives a customer the right to purchase replacement goods from the business 

a receipt given by a shop to a customer who has returned goods, which can be offset against future purchases

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Statement of account

Provides a summary for the business and for the customer of what has happened over a set period of time  

Important becasuse: 

Helps businesses to track customer payments and items returned 

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Remittance advice slip

Remittance advice slip are used by customers to send in payment by post 

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why are remittance advice slips provided? (RAS)

Provided so that they do not have to send a letter

explaining which account they are sending payment for as

remittance advice slip shows all the details 

Some RAS also include banking details of the business

the customer needs to pay 

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paying by cheque is a good way of keeping record of payments 

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