Financial Documents

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  • Financial Documents
    • The purchase order
      • A document sent by customer to request for goods and services.
      • Importance of Accuracy
        • Too little or too much Given to customer
          • Reputation of customer can be affected, lack of business and lack of income
    • The Delivery note
      • Purpose/Use/ Importance/ Benefits
        • Account from supplier with the goods that have been delivered, good for accurate stock and records
        • Proof of what has been delivered good for dispute
        • Used by customer to check items brought in to see if any is missing or damaged
        • Once completed it is sent back to the supplier to complete the invoice.
        • Customer keeps a copy to check against the invoice
        • Used to complete goods received note
  • Purpose/use/ importance/ benefits
    • Items ordered and the cost, good for accounting.
    • Proof of order and time of order


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