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What is Feminism?

A social movement that aims to achieve equality between sexes by the extension of rights for women.

Women suffer certain injustices on the account of their sex.

They recognise gendre divisions in society and how these benefit men.

Can be divided in to two clear stages:

  • First Wave- Refers to event between 1890-1920. Aims achieved when voting rights were extended to all women in Britain in 1928
  • Second Wave- 1969 onwards. Women had achieved some sucess in compaining for equal rights, women are still disadvantaged in many aspects of social life.
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Liberal Feminists

Aim: To seek equal rights with men.

People should be treated according to their merits.

Should be free to compete with men and enjoy the same oppurtunities and priviledges.

Don't believe that the society should be scrapped and the structures and societies completely changed but the attitudes and individuals should.

Persue aims through introduction of legislation and by attempting to change attitudes.

Supported measures which help end discrimination,such as :

  • Sex Discrimination Act
  • Equal Pay Act

Oakley- Main reason why women are subordinate in the labour market is because the mother and housewife role dominates.

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