family and the different approaches


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different views of family

functionalists; belive that the family is a good source of primary sociolisation,as well as emotional and fianancial support e.g. mother nurturer and father breadwinner.

new right; simillar to functionalists they belive family is good, but only if it is a nuclear family as nuclear families help children to have a good education, find good jobs and helps them to stay away from crime.

marxism; belive family is a tool of capitalism and the bourgeiosie, as it is linked with primarysocialisation this involves teaching the norms and values of a capitalist society, and maintains class differences in society e.g. if you are born poor you stay poor

feminists; belive that the family is patrichal, and that boys and girls adopt gender roles from the family, girls do house work while boys do DIY, they also belive that women are oppressed within family because of the dark side e.g. domestic violence

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family through time

pre- industrial revolution; people mainly lived in the countryside on farms so most work was carried ou together by all members of the family 

The industrial family

 women became responsible for looking after children – this is how the housewife role developed. Conjugal roles were unequal. The man did the paid work and the woman looked after the home and children. 

Young and Willmott (1973) Young and Willmott found that the family was becoming more symmetrical meaning men and women had more equal roles as there was now a stronger bond between husband and wife, they shared house hold chores and spent more time with one another

oakly 1974 : found research to say that nothing had changed the family was still patriarchal, women spent around 77 hours a week on house work, 70% said that they were dissatisfied with being a house wife and many of them felt lonely

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attitudes to divorce

  • feminists: divorce is positive only  men benefit from family and women are 
  • better of in lone parent families than
  •  nuclear ones

new right:  divorce is bad because it leads to lack of male role models and leads to children being badly sociolised 

 divorce: increased because......

  •  religion is no longer important
  • it is not a shame to be divorced
  •  women are more independent can manage raising children  on their own
  •  divorce is easier and change in law has allowed this

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  • less marriage, more cohabitation 
  • less 1st marriage more re marriage
  • more cohabitation
  • more illegitimate children
  • people are getting married older

marriage is less important because of the rise of divorce and cohabitation

however some people may argue that it is still important because most people who divorce re- marry and most people who co-habit end up getting married.

feminists believe marriage is bad as it traps women 

new right believe it is a good way of making a family and sociolising the future generation with male and female role models 

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