Family Diversity



The number of same-sex married couples has increased from 1996.

The number of civil partner couple families has increased from 1996

The number of opposite-sex married-couple families has decreased from 1996.

The number of lone-parent families has increased since 1996.

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Rapoport and Rapoport 1982

Argued that there is no right type of family.

Found 5 types of family diversity

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Rapoport and Rapoport Organisational

The decline of marriage and the increase in divorce has led to different types of families emerging e.g Lone Parent Family.

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Rapoport and Rapoport Cultural

People from different religions and ethnicities increase the range of family types in Britain.

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Rapoport and Rapoport Class

Family types differ between social class.

The differences are:

-The relationship between the couple

-The socialisation of children

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Rapoport and Rapoport Life Course

Families move through different stages and have different priorities at different stages. They concluded that a fundamental change is taking place in British Family Life.

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Rapoport and Rapoport Cohort

Life cycle diversity exists between families whose members are from different historical periods. 

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Reasons for Increase in Family Diversity

Legal Changes - The divorce reform act (1969) made it easier for couples to escape and un-happy relationship. 

Greater Roles - An increasing number of women work and no longer need to depend on men.

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