Failure of Collective security


First causes of collective security failure

  • Loss of USA - undermining of effectiveness of economic sanctions 
    • Anglo - American guarantee failure in 1919, making France feeling alone and insecure 
  • Exclusion of Germany and USSR - they did not feel obliged to follw the rules of CS. 
  • Anglo - French split - fundamental division on how the two countries see collective security of Europe 
  • Appeasement of Britain - 1935, Anglo - German Naval pact. Demonstration that Britain leaves Germany in creating new military forces
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Successes of collective security and League of Nat

  • Aaland islands 
  • Locarno spring 
  • Disarmament treaties (Washington, London, Geneva)
  • The corfu incident 1923
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  • Wall Street Crash 
  • Abyssinia 
  • Appeasement 
  • Japan and Germany left the League 1933 
  • Maginot Line 
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