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Facts On Science..........

(http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) A balanced diet has - carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts & fibre; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Carbohydrate gives you energy; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Protein is needed for growth & repair; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Fats contain fat soluble vitamins; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Vitamins are essential in SMALL quantities; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Mineral salts are also essential, e.g. Calcium, Iron & Iodine; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Enzymes are needed to digest carbohydrate, proteins and fats; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Enzymes are substrate specific; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Enzymes work better at body temperature; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Enzymes only work at their optimum pH; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Villi absorb glucose, amino-acids, fatty acids, glycerol, vitamins and minerals; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Villi have a large surface area. (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Green plants contain a chemical called chlorophyll; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Chlorophyll is used in photosynthesis; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Photosynthesis uses light energy to make glucose; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Photosynthesis takes place in the mesophyll of a leaf; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Photosynthesis also requires Carbon Dioxide and water; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Glucose can be used in respiration or stored as starch; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Iodine and starch turn black; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Green light is not used in photosynthesis; (http://www.purchon.com/images/yellowbullet.gif) Increasing the light intensity will make photosynthesis faster.

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