Extra research evidence for Conformity

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Furman and Duke (1988)

How lack of confidence may effect conformity.

  • Students used: Majoring in music or in another subject for their degree.
  • Students asked to listen to two versions of a piece of music.
  • Asked to state their preference, individually and then in presence of confederates.


  • Music majors: Not influenced to change preferences.
  • Non-music majors: Significantly affected by the presence of confederates.
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Eagly and Carli (1981)

Whether women are more conforming than men.

  • Size of this difference very small in private. Basically no difference.
  • Difference between men and women occurs in group-pressure situations where conformity occurs in public.
  • Women are more likely to comply with group.
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Perrin and Spencer (1980)

To see if Asch's study only applied for the time of the study.

  • Exact replication of Asch's experiment.
  • Used engineering, maths and chemistry students as subjects.
  • Only 1 of 396 trials did a participant conform.
  • May have been more confident due to their studies.
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Smith and Bond (1998)

To see if Asch's study was affected by culture.

  • Average conformity rate of collectivist cultures was 37%.
  • Average conformity rate of individualist cultures was 25%.
  • Collectivist cultures: Members value the collective goals of the group.
  • Individualist cultures: Memebers emphasise on personal acheivement. 
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