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Main terminology:

· conformity- yielding to group pressure to
change our behaviour
· obedience- behaving as instructed, usually in
response to an individual not group.
· Compliance- going along with others to gain their approval.
· Internalisation- going along with others because you have accepted their
view because it…

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Jenness (agrees)- students were asked to guess the number of beans in a bottle, he then got them
to discuss their answer in groups. When asking their estimate a second time he found there
individual estimate was replaced by the groups estimate. They let others perceived knowledge
influence them.


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This shows in group and out groups have a chance of internalisation. But this does not apply to
majority as people would not want to align themselves with a deviant out group majority.

Zimbardo identification. (Stamford prison experiment)
Zimbardo wanted to test how people would behave if you put


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