Exam Technique AQA 20th Century Depth Study

A set of notes reminding you the best way to answer the questions, this is how I've been taught so you may have been taught differently, be aware of this when reading

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The Paper in General

Answer ONE topic from Section A

Answer TWO topics from Section B

But ensure you answer all parts to that topic

It's advised that you spend about 35 minutes on each of your chosen topics.

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Section A

4 Mark Question - Use the source to answer the question, make an infernece from the source (put into your own words), develop points you learn from the source, don't just copy out quotes from the source

6 Mark Question - Use you own knowledge only, as you aren't asked to use the source, make sure the points you make are detailed

10 Mark Question - Use the Source and your own knowledge, normally asking you how useful a source is for a certain thing, have an opening sentence commenting on how useful you think it is. Then two paragraphs - one for how it is useful and one for how it isn't, when answering this remember to look at Content, Origin, Purpose, Limitations (Not useful paragraph) and use your own knowledge. Then a one sentence conclusion commenting on overall utility.

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Section B

8 Mark Question - Use the source and your own knowledgem, make at least 4 developed points, spend around 10 minutes on it

12 Mark Question - Essay Question, use your knowledge, 5-6 paragraphs, make sure it's balanced as it's an argument, at least 2 of your paragraphs need to be linked to the point made in the qoute (for your agreement), finish with a conclusion deciding one way or the other

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