Erosion and Weathering

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Weathering and Erosion Types

The Main Types of Erosion: 'HAAS'

H: Hydralic Action- The repeated action of the waves hitting the cliff and wearing it away.

A: Attriton- When the rocks and boulders already broken off by the sea bash into the cliff and cause cracks and breaks on the cliff face.

A: Abrasion- The sea causes rocks to crash into each other, and breaks them down into smaller pieces of sediment.

S: Solution- The acidity of the sea dissolves the rocks, and the material is carried along as small particles.

The Main Types of Weathering: 'COMB'

C: Chemical Weathering- When the rocks are dissolved by the weak acid found in rain and sea water.

O: Onion Skin Weathering- The heat of the sun wears away the outer layer of rock.

M: Mechanical Weathering- Also known as Freeze-Thaw Weathering, occurs when water gets into the carck of a rock, expands as it freezes, and breaks the rock into smaller pieces.

B: Biological Weathering- When flora grows with it's roots in the rock, or when animal fossilisation happens within a rock.

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