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What is erosion?

What are the different types of erosion?

What is the process of erosion?

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There are two types of erosion which happens because of the material around the river, this material has already been broken down and loosened from the river banks due to weathering. These two types are:

  • Abrasion - this is when the sand and stones srape at the river beds and banks and wear them away.
  • Attrition - this is when rocks and stone knock together and whear eachother away

The other two types of erosion happen because od the water in the river:

  • Hydralic action - this happens because of the fast flowing water which forces itself into the crackes in the river bank. Over time it break up the banks.
  • The rivers solution - this is when the water dissolves the soluble minerals from the bed and banks, which helped to break them up.
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