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Some Christians beliefs of Equality

Equality is everyone having equal rights and equal treatment.

Some Christians believe; people are treated differently and equality is not the same for everybody.

A teaching supporting this is "women must be silent in the church" - St Peter.

This shows they are treated differently. This therefore contradicts the Bible teaching "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female; you are all one in Jesus Christ" - Galatians 3:28.

Because one teaching is supporting sexism but the other is saying equality is for everyone.

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Other Christians beliefs of equality

Everyone should be treated equally.

The Bible teaches "Love one another" - John 13:34.

This means, people should be treated the same no matter what their race or gender. This supports the teaching "Love thy neighbour" - 10 commandments.

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Christian attitudes towards other religions

Christians believe everyone has the right to practise their own religion.

However it is their duty to convert others to their religion and to share their knowledge.

They believe that Christianity has the complete truth about God.

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Sexism is being treated differently because of your gender/sex.

Types of sexual discrimination:

  • Verbal - wolf whistling at a woman as they pass.
  • Physical - not getting a job because of your gender.
  • Religious - Catholic church - no female priests.
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