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Equality-Treating people equally regardless of their race, gender or religious
Prejudice- making judgements about people not based on reason or actual
Discrimination - unjust or prejudice treatment because of gender, race, age or
Declaration of human rights 1948- Everyone should have same rights and freedoms
Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights...
Article 2: Everyone is entitled to all rights and freedoms in this declaration without
distinction of any kind (race etc...)
Bible teachings about equality
Equality No Equality
"In the image of God" Genesis 1:27 "no one comes to the father except by me"
John 14
"Love your neighbour as yourself" Luke 10
"You are all one in Jesus Christ" Galatians
This could mean Everyone is equal but some
people interpret this as meaning that all
Christians are equal.
"Don't show favouritism" James 2:1
Should people be treated equally?
Yes No
It's unfair that some people are treated Everyone is different and so they should be
better than others. treated differently.
Everyone is equal in God's eyes and were Sometimes treating people better than
made in his image" so we are worth the others is better for the advancement of
same to him and should be treated equally. society.
E.g. Cleverer children should not be in the
same schools as children of a lower ability as
this means they will be pushed less and
there would not be as many clever people in

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