Religion ad equality

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Atonement= becoming at one with God again.

Discrimination= unfair treatment of a person or group.

Ecumenism= breaking down and uniting different denominations of Christianity. 

Equality= fair treatment. 

Evangelism= encouraging others to put faith in JC and God.

Forgiveness= pardoning an offense/sin/mistake.

Missionary= someone who goes to different country to spread word of Christianity. 

prejudice= prejudging someone before you know them.

Racism= belief that a particular race is superior to others.

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Christian teachings on equality and racism

  • every1 equal= 'god created man in his own image;male and female'. 
  • love thy neighbour.
  • golden rule 'do to others as you would have them do to you'
  • sanctity of life
  • parable of good samaritan
  • 'God has no favourites'

RACISM= why?- upbringing, media influenced, jealousy.

Christianity teachings= 

  • follow MLK- he did non-violent protests. e.g. bus boycott, 'turn the other cheek' 'love your enemies' 'blessed are the peace makers' 
  • exclusivism= christianity= right. other religions=wrong. 'I am the way, the truth and the life'.
  • pray for world peace, set an example, protest peacefully.
  • evangelism- missionary converting ppl into christians urging them to put faith in JC.
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Sexism/gender inequality, ordination of women.

Christian teachings.

  • every1 equal in God's eyes, Bible written in male dominated society, jesus spoke to women 1st when resurrected
  • OR men are stronger/superior. God created Adam 1st eve= companion, inferior let sin into world. 'wives submit to husbands', all disciples were men. 

Non religious= 

  • Women should be housewife, look after children. Men work and provide.
  • now men and women an both work and can look after children. 

Sex discrimination= unfair treatment because of gender. 


Catholics= NONO= priest represents JC= not a girl. Apostles were boys too. 

COE= 'no difference between men and women' 'all one in union with CJ', mary was important too.

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Other religions

Pluralism= all religions are equally valid= 'my fathers house has many rooms'. 

inclusivism= Anyone can get into Gods kingdom if good person.

Exclusivism= just christianity right. 'I am the way, the truth and the life'. 

evangelism= encouraging others to put faith in JC.

reconciliation= bringing two opposing ppl or groups together.

repentance= saying sorry or being regretful for a sin.

sexism= belief that a particular gender is superior.

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