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Carol Ann duffy

Theme- Love/hate

Tone- Bitter, angry, sad, despair

Structure- Enjamblement shows her fragile mind, short lines,

Language- Oxymoron "beloved sweetheart *******" shows her fragile mind, violent imagery shows her hatred of men, onomatepia used in last stanza backs up the violent imagery

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Before You were mine


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Carol Ann Duffy

Theme- Parent, child relationship, growing up

Tone- admiration, affectionate, wistful

Structure- quintet, free verse

Language- looks back on mothers glamerous lifestyle before she was born, compares mother to Marilyn Monroe, possessive language

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Mother any distance


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Simon Armitage

Theme- parent/child relationship

Tone- Worried, excitied

Structure- Stanzas become more irregular untill their a free verse showing the speakers growing independance

Language- Metaphores showing increasing distance, ryhme and half rhyme, alliteration

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Simon Armitage

Theme- Anger at not being free, jealousy, violence, frustration

Tone- Anger, creepily calm, bored, frustrated, satisfied at the end

Structure- regular, enjamblement makes speaker sound creepy, stanzas like arrows, short sentences

Language- Nouns add sense of reality, metaphores used, shows simularity between speaker and hippie

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Sonnet 130


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William Shakespeare

Theme- Honest love

Tone- Mocking

Structure- Sonnet, constant rhyme

Language- At first he seems to be critiscising her but then he says he loves her for who she is and needs to false represent her

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Simon Armitage

Theme- Growing up, exploring masculinity

Tone- Anger, bitter, pride (nasty)

Structure- In a rant, constant rhyme seem to make batman tune, Iambic pentameter, dramatic monologue

Language- used phrases found in the old batman tv shows, slang words, shows how batman left robin, and how Robin has made something of himself and is laughing at batman's failure

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alice gower


i thought it was a good poem a bit gruesome though



Really good, thank you :) ***

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