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Poetry from Different Cultures

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Nothing's Changed

Despite apartheid being abolished in South Africa, prejudice, racism and segregation still exists. The poet is angry that nothing's changed

Onomatopoeia - 'click' - harsh consonant sounds, 'thrust' - suggests force (something resisting his presence)

Alliteration - harsh 'c' represents his footsteps, 'flaring like a flag' shows he wants to reveal his anger

Repetition - 'and' creates and builds up tension 

Structure - Poem ends with the title to emphasise that 'nothing's changed' and he's back where he started, an outcast, denied entry and angry.

Language - Words that show his disgust to the Apartheid Policy - 'incipient'

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Island Man

About a man who lives in England and wishes he was back in the Caribbean where he originates from. A clash of cultures.

Colour Imagery -  Bright colours associated with the Carribean - 'blue/emerald' - whereas London is 'grey' and 'metallic'

Alliteration - 'sun surfacing', 'sound of surf' - a soft, positive sound almost like the waves

Repetition - 'groggily, groggily' and 'muffling, muffling' imitates the feeling and action and how the man is still half asleep

Language - 'wombing' - links to the birth and origins as in the womb, you feel comfort and security which is how he feels about the Carribean

Onomatopoeia - 'surge', 'roar', 'soar' - sound imagery shows that as he hears the sound of passing traffic, it reminds him of waves hitting the shores

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Night of the Scorpion

Describes an event (childhood memory). Old superstitions and beliefs against more rationalist and sceptic modern ideas. Are the neighbours a comfort or not?

Repetition - 'more candles, more lanterns, more neighbours' - shows endless efforts to help and emphasises how tedious it was

Religion - 'Evil One' - capital indicates a name (links the scorpion with the devil), Prayer like quality 'May he...' shows they need to take comfort from a belief in God. She is suffering due to sins committed or will be committed

Simile - 'like swarms of flies' shows how inept they are as they are shown as irritating pests/insects - they are insignificant

Detached Tone - the son is an onlooker describing the event (factual and unemotional) As a child does he understand what's happening?

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What happens when a water pipe bursts in a poor community that does not usually have access to water. It explores what is valuable in different cultures.

Metaphors - (for water) - 'blessing', 'silver', 'liquid sun' - all positive, precious images.

Onomatopoeia - 'screaming', 'drip', 'splash', 'crashes', 'roar;, 'sings' to reflect the sound of the water and the community reacting to it.

Simile - 'the skin cracks like a pod' - shows hot, dry climate. Pod can mean growth

Enjambement - Flowing pace represents the flow of water and the excitement felt by the community

Alliteration - 'polished to perfection' stands out to show how water has changed lives.

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