English Paper 1 - Reading non-fiction texts

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Mind the G.A.P - Genre, Audience & Purpose:


  • Knowing where the document is from helps to think about the intended audience


  • Who the text is aimed at
  • How you need to answer the question, in what style of writing


  • What the text wants you to do: entertain, inform, persuade e.t.c
  • How the text makes you do it

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Make a L.I.S.T - Language, Information, Style & Tone:


  • Is it persuasive, informative, descriptive, aimed at children, or aimed at adults
  • Is the language emotive, and how it makes you feel
  • Does the writer address the reader directly


  • Is it factual or opinionated


  • Paragraphs with pictures or no pictures
  • Interesting and eye catching


  • Serious, humorous, sad
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  • Inform the reader
  • Persuade the reader
  • Give advice to the reader
  • Describe a person, place, feeling or object
  • It has a purpose
  • It has an audience
  • Give evidence from the text to support your answer
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Audience and Purpose

  • Why was the text written
  • Who is it aimed at
  • It could be aimed at a certain age group, men or women, those with a common interest, people from a certain area, people who buy or use a particular product
  • How technical the language is
  • Photographs are used to support the text


  • What is the text trying to do
  • Why was it written, provide instruction, create awareness, inform about facts, report news
  • Written with purpose to explain, inform or persuade
  • Easy too understand if it is clearly broken up into sections and if there are lots of photos and pictures
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  • Emotive language can be used to persuade you to believe an opinion
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