English language terminology test.

These cards are a test on english language terminology.

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Reader of the text.

What is:

-An actual reader

-The implied reader

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Adjaceny pairs.

What are adjacency pairs and what is an example of them being used?

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What is:

-Cataphoric referencing

-Anaphoric referencing

What is the difference between them?

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Sentence types.

What are the three sentence types?

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Sentence types.

What is the differenece between:

-Simple sentences

-Compound sentences


-Complex sentences

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What are connotations and what is the difference between connotations and denotations?

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What is aliteration? Give an example of where it might be used effectively.

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Verb types.

What is the difference between:

-Dynamic verbs


-Stative verbs?

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What is:

-Deontic modality


-Epistemic modality?

And where would they be effectively used within a text and on what type of text?

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What is dialect?

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