Presentational Feature:

  • Heading (titles) and subheading
  • Photos
  • Pictures
  • Illlistration
  • Font style and size (bold, italic ect)
  • colour
  • layout features (bullet point, boxed text)
  • structure (short and long paragraphs)
  • quotes
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Language Features

Language Features:

  • Adjectives/Adverbs(vivid language) - Builds up a very full picture of the object/animal/person or the activiry so that it becomes very clear in the readers mind - the reader feels s/he can picture it or see it happening very precisely.
  • Allititration - Makes the text catchy - quick to read - grabs attention.
  • Emotive Language - The attitude and emotions of the aurthor are trensferred or made clear to the reader.
  • Imagery,Similes,Metaphors - All Imagery gives the person/animal/thing being described the characteristics od something else. It therefore enlivens descriptions by helping us to see these people/animals/things in a new light - in a way we may have never seen them or thought about them before. Metaphores are more compact and tighter in their comnparative discription than similies.
  • Technical Words or Jargon - Sometimes, more unusual words provide more specific meaning than common ones. Specialised or technical words make it seem like the writer/speaker really knows the topic.
  • Repetition - Repeating the same or nearly the same words for effect. This is used to emphasise whatever is being said or written.
  • Rhetorical Question - To get the readers/ / audience's attention and make them think about the answer before giving it.
  • Statistics - A specific number or statistic gives the impression that the speaker/writer is authoritative and knowledgeable.
  • Connectives - they help create textual cohesion. They may be used to sequence ideas or an argument, link ideas/points or show comparison, show a change in subject matter or tone.
  • Direct Speech - Makes the character come alive. We can 'hear' the way s/he speaks - the actual vocabulary, grammar and tone.
  • Rule Of Three - Provides rhythem as well as closure or finality along with that sense of balance.
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could you do one for structure as well

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