English Question types


How Questions

How (showing understanding of the content)

  • usually 10 marks - you need 9-10 points with explanations
  • use longer quotes but break them down
  • explain the techniques used e.g. the statistics are used to emphasise... or the repitition of the word....
  • use PEE throughout 
  • the use of..."quote" suggests/demonstrates/shows/conveys/connotes/implies


In an exam, when you think you've finished remember to read through and check your work for:

  • spelling, grammar, puncuation etc
  • you have 10 quotes with explanations
  • you've linked back to the question
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Summarise Question

Summarise (to identify key points and reword them)

  • usually 5 marks so very short piece. no need to write a lot
  • use your own words, DO NOT USE QUOTES
  • start by highlighting key words or phrases in the text and reword them
  • 5 clear seperate points
  • read the question carfully. What is it asking you for? audience?

This is very very simple, easy 5 marks. You can do it!

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Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast (to be able to see the simularities and differences within the text)

  • usually 10 marks
  • state where the information came from e.g. Text a says...
  • use SHORT quotations
  • use comparative language e.g. on the other hand, simularily etc
  • try to balance the amount of quotes you use for both texts. however this can be tricky at times but try to use 5 points from each if possible
  • use a variety of quotes and sentance structures
  • ALWAYS refer back to the question
  • highlight the simularities and try to link them to one another, do this with the differences too.


Text A implies that the fox is dangerous because.... Secondly, text A also connotes that the fox threatens domestic pets because it says.... ( do this for at least 5 quotes or the quotes you found for this text. Do the same for when you contrast them)

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Explain Question

Explain (to be able to describe what the question wants)

  • usually 5 marks so you need 5 quotes with EXPLANATIONS
  • Start with saying Firstly, Text... says "quote"

This is very simple and nice and easy. Pick 5 quotes that are easy to explain. Make sure to highlight what the question wants you to do before you start.

Layout - 

quote, explain, quote, explain, (do this for your 5 quotes)

  • You could also pick out a single word from the quote and explain what this shows. e.g. the adjective... shows....
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Story Writing

You will either have to write a story on a topic that is chosen or write an essay.

To write a story you need to have different sections. This isn't a big story but it needs to have:

  • beginning
  • middle
  • end

Beginning - Set the scene and the characters

Middle - There has to be a problem within your story, something exciting

End - Your problem is solved...or not... but make a ending for your story

Make sure you plan your story - 5-10 minutes before you write it!

  • make sure to use good SpAg and high range of sentance structures and vocab!
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