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12 Am. Still awake. Why? Sleep is the hardest thing to conquer in the world. IPhone. Social media. Why? Because you know you won’t sleep till 2 Am.

It’s a school night and I’m sitting up in bed refreshing every piece of social media I have. I’ve played all my games and beat every high score. I’ve red n e-book and wrote in my online journal and I’ve like every picture, every tweet and opened every snapchat and now I’m bored. The world is asleep and I’m glued to my technology.

This is what technology has done to us. We can’t spend a second without it. We have to force ourselves to get off our electronics and sleep. But we never understand why? We don’t get how people don’t have the latest IPhones, the latest Ipad or laptops. We’re addicted to them.

They’re too dangerous, everything is. Apps especially. We all know the app Talking Angela and I think we’ve all heard about the camera in the eye. Someone watches you as you play, but people still buy it. A recent survey has revealed that 75% of Talking Angela users are seven and under. That’s young and that’s dangerous. 7 year olds, being watched.

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What about Facebook? I don’t know if you’ve heard about these cases. I think we’ve all herd of Zalfie, Zoella and Pointlessblog. Well Pointlessblog, real name Alfie Deyes, received a tweet one week ago from fan saying she had been speaking to fake Zoella’s and Alfie Deyes since January thinking it was them. Recently a fake Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg page was found with g 9 year old girls livestreaming sitting in their bedroom, answering questions strangers gave them.

And still people buy them, young kids, old kids, adults and the elderly, everyone! We need to stop this! We need put down our technology and go outside.

We need to talk to people; we need to talk face to fc end not through Facetime. We need to play in the park or make up a game, like you’re in a candylnd and eat everything, not in world of soldiers shooting each other in fake town.

I know people say technology is useful as you can research directions and take pictures of homework in class., but there are other ways of doing this. Firstly, we can ask others or use a map for directions or sat nav and not you phone. Also your phones are not for taking down homework in your planner is, honestly they are pointless.

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We are getting the wrong impressions on life. We’re thinking it’s full of these amazing lives shown through youtubers who get paid £50,000 week to make these videos. We think that we could make all these cool impossible things and do all these cool impossible things they do, but we can’t because they’re impossible.

Messaging someone a smiley face on Facebook isn’t the same as smiling in real life. Sending someone a love heart isn’t the same as saying I love you. Emotions can’t be shown through technology; they can only be shown face to face, to your partner child or friends.

I leave you with this quote. “A man without Wi-Fi enjoys his life; a man with Wi-Fi doesn’t enjoy his life. Think about that when you next go to pick up a piece of Technology. At 12am.

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