During Wind and Rain

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- Regretful tone shwon through repition 

- pathetic fallacy for anger and strife against life (temptous)

- title is a metaphor for life? 

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1st Stanza

1st Stanza - suggestive of winter (christmas) = carolling, happiness and family

'he, she, all of them - yea' = union

'treble and tenor and base' 

- harmonous = all go together

'candles mooning each face' - metaphor = each face reflecting candle light

- darkness

'...' - passing of time

'ah no...o!'

- jolly atmosphere contrasted by death and time

- suggestive of pain

- mournfurl tone of refrain

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2nd Stanza

First 5 lines are happy - last 2 are reminder of mortality

'clear the creeping moss'

- metaphor = synical (death)

'Elders and juniors'

- juxtapostion creates contrast

'pathways neat'

- spring cleaning? 

- changing seasons shows life transitions

'garden gray'

- alliteration emphasing dead garden

'ah, no: the year o!' - repition reminder of time passing

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3rd Stanza

'men and maidens'

- no longer children = growing up (time passing)

- cycle 

'glimpse of the bay'

- sign of hope for summer

' pet fowl come to the knee'

- death = cycle

'rotten rose'

- links to sick leaves

- juxtapostion and alliteration 

- idea of rotting death

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4th Stanza

'high new house' - could suggest heaven?

'he, she, all of them...' - cyclical cycle = time passing

'clocks and carpets and chairs' - alliteration 

- reflects ticking clock 

- reflects 1st stanza

'down their carved names the raindrops plough'

- image of grave stones'

- focus on death and loss

- plough is sign of renewal (seed sowing) but yet is destructive

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