Drug Abuse


Christian Attitudes

  • Alcohol is permitted in Christianity
  • St Paul advised Timothy to drink some wine to aid digestion
  • Holy Communion- wine used in Church of England and Roman Catholic but not in Methodist Church
  • Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana
  • Proverbs-getting drunk will make you loud and foolish
  • Ephesians- drunkeness will ruin you
  • Illegal drugs regarded as harmful
  • "The body is a temple of the Holy Spirit"
  • Sanctity of Life- drugs can kill
  • "I, your God give life and I take it away"
  • Rastafarians use marijuana to heighten spiritual awareness
  • There are no direct teachings in the Bible to sat drug abuse is wrong
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Muslim Attitudes

  • "We give though this Quran all that gives health and is a grace to those who believe"
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs are haram= forbidden
  • Body is on loan until Judgement Day
  • Drugs cloud the mind and are to Khamr= to cover
  • Effects of illegal drugs would make it impossible to pray
  • "Wine...are filthy tricks of Satan"
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Buddhist Attitudes

  • One of 5 precepts= "Avoid intoxicants that cloud the mind"- don't take drugs
  • "Avoid harming living beings"- being under the influence may cause you to become violent
  • "Health is the greatest of gifts"
  • Eighth fold path

                          =Right livelihood- avoid working in the alcohol or tobacco industry

                          =Right Awareness and Meditation- using drugs would prevent this

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