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  • TOPIC 3 -   drug abuse
    • prescription drugs
      • drugs legally obtained only with a doctors consent
    • drug
      • a substance that when taken , effects the body or mind
    • drug abuse
      • using drugs in a way that harms the user
    • illegal drugs
      • drugs which are illegal to possess, sell or use, put into 3 classifications according to their potential harm or addictiveness
    • social drugs
      • legal drugs which are still addictive (alcohol, nicotine, caffeine)
    • legal drugs
      • drugs that can be purchased legally. some have age restrictions
    • solvents
      • some aerosols, glue and gas lighter refills abused by sniffing which can cause hallucinations and can be fatal
    • caffeine
      • a mild legal stimulant found in coffee/chocolate
    • drug classification
      • 3 legal categories by which illegal drugs are classified in british law according to the level of harm they do and ow addictive they are
    • cannabis
      • a class B drug which is usually smoked, which some wish to be legalised.
    • tabacco
      • used in cigarettes and cigars, it contains nicotine an addictive social drug
    • alcohol
      • an addictive social drug found in beer wine spirits etc
    • rehabilitation
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