Disadvantages of PML

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Gov of the day has majority of HOC  its almost impossible for ordinary MPs to get a bill passed without gov support ; are able to pass what Bills they choose. 

Party 'whips' mean no free voting in some areas  Conflict between their own career and following their own party with, representing constituents and their own conscience

Not enough time to pass all laws that are needed or reforms. Takes several months for a Bill to go through all stages ; Parliament only sits for 163 days there is limited time for each Bill ; Some Bills are passed too quickly. Then an Amending Act has to be issues that goes through all stages;

***Dangerous Dogs Act***

*** OAPA 1861 has not been reformed.***


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The only way to become a member is through appointment by PM or hereditary peers.  Government Proposals the HOL is meant to be critically analysing ;  it is not representative of ordinary people.

Not democratic - Non elected body. Less concerned with the public ; Not accountable to the public

They are able to hold up legislation passed by HOC Ping ponging can delay for a year ; Cannot strike out proposals - only delay it.

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The Crown

Not allowed to use powers of veto  ("I forbid") by custom. 

The role is insignificant and theoretical only.

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