Law Reform

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Law Reform


  • A bill is effectively scrutinised and checked as the process Fat Snails Cant Reach The Hand Rails takes a long time to make a bill into an act.
  • The first readign stage allows the opposition party to obtain a copy and prepare arguments for the debate at the second reading.
  • The standing commitee scrutinises the bill as they look for erros and suggest changes.
  • The monarch gets a role in the parliament as the royal assent is need on any acts  of parliament


  • Professor Zander said that the first reading is "a pure moment of nothing."
  • The house of lords are unelected and therefore undemocratic.
  • The role of the monarch is only a tradition. The queen cannot refuse to allow a certain bill to be passed. If so, someone on her behalf will give the royal assent and sign it off.
  • the whips system is seen as undemocrastic and have been accused of 'bully tactics'.


There are many advantages and disadvantages of the legislation process. Some are specific to a particular stage in the process and some are general criticism of the whole process. 


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