Digital Electronics

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Boolean notation, sum of products, product of sums, minterms,

Karnaugh maps.

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Practical Aspects of Logic Design

electrical properties, noise margins, propagation delay, hazards.

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Combinational Logic

decoders (2-4 line, 3-8 line etc), multiplexers, 7 segment display encoders,

decimal to binary encoder

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Arithmetic Logic Circuits

Digital arithmetic circuits: add, subtract by 2’s complement. Ripple carry adder. Serial addition and subtraction. Overflow detection.

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Introduction to Sequential Logic

Construction of SR bistables using NAND or NOR gates. Clocked SR, D and JK flip-flops. Master slave and edge triggered bistables. Shift registers and binary counters

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Synchronous Sequential Circuit Design

State Diagrams and Design Methods.

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Programmable Logic

Types of Programmable Logic Devices, Design method, applications

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Introduction to Microprocessor Systems

Digital memories, memory organisation, types of semiconductor memory. Elements of computer operation: program counter, instruction set. Memory and i/o addressing. Microcontrollers.

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