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Linguistic Devices

Linguistic Devices (ie. how they say it)

Interactional features

Turn taking

Adjacent pairs

Types of utterance (imparatives, declaratives, interrogatives, exclamatives and non-fluency features such as fillers and false starts)






Theoretical approaches

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Literary and Rhetorical devices

Literary and Rhetorical devices (Actual language ie. what is said)

Lexical (word) choices

Figuarative language

Phonological features (onomatpoeia, alliteration, assonance, consonance)

Word play

Dramatic irony

Speech in performance (need to recognicse that its 100% crafted, ie. intonation, volue, pitch, stress and tone)

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Dramatic effect

Dramatic effect (effect it has on the audience)

Revealing aspects of a character

Moving action along

Audience manipulation

Relaying information

Dramatic irony (when the audience knows something character(s) don't know)

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