Development in Childhood

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Physical Development in Childhood

Physical development begins from the head down and from the middle of the body outwards.

2 - 8 years - Increased mobility,

Control bowel and bladder functions (generally by the age of 5 years),

6 - 7 years - tie shoe laces,

play sports, such as tennis, football, netball,

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Intellectual Development in Childhood

Basic literacy - alphabet / spelling and writing

Basic numeracy - counting

Adult language - manners / asking questions / follow rules / make decisions based on logic



Solving puzzles

Imagination - role play games

Learn through modelling of others

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Emotional Development in Childhood

Development of relationships helps to build self-esteem

Emotions and understanding others develops as a result of interaction 

Greater understanding of the self

By the age of 6 years they know that gender is fixed

Play helps to explore emotions and build relationships with others

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Social Development in Childhood

Begin to use language to manage their social skills and relationships with others

Primary socialisation with the childs parents allows them to develop an understanding of what is right and wrong 

Boys : large groups / extensive friends / outdoor play / focus on competition and dominance

Girls : small groups (pairs) / intensive friendships / predominantly indoor play / focus on agreement and compliance

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